When God is first your next priority should go to yourself and your home. I have to live out what I put out. If I am not taking care of my hair, health, faith and family as much as I encourage you to; I become a hypocrite. I believe God is teaching me the importance... Continue Reading →


Just finish uploading a new episode on THE BROWN LOVE PODCAST and I feel great. I am super excited to invest in myself. I look forward to improving my craft and minding my own business. For so long I doubted myself. I thought I could not do it. All along I could. I kept looking... Continue Reading →


As I sit in my bed. On this beautiful cold morning. One question comes to mind. Why are you doing it? I wonder. Why am I doing what? Again, the question arises; Why are you doing what you are doing? Why do you blog? Why are you creating YouTube content? Why are you doing what... Continue Reading →


I am inspired by God to inspire you. Inspire means to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. God inspired me to create my YouTube channel, blog, and podcast. The sense of urgency became so strong that the ideas would keep me up all night.... Continue Reading →


To sit in complete silence. To feel what you feel. To allow your heart to speak. To be truly sincere. You may find the words start to form. Your body may move. Tears may even fall. Just know that in this moment you are one with God. There is inner peace. The atmosphere is still.... Continue Reading →


Monday's will now be dedicated to weekly updates, podcasting, and blogging. You will notice that the updates will consist of what will be happening Mon-Fri. As mentioned earlier Mon are for the updates, podcast, and blog post. Tuesday will be for true health talks. Wednesday will be about my natural hair journey. Thursday will be... Continue Reading →

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