July 1, 2019

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I chopped all my hair off in the summer of 2014. I remember it was the summer before going away to college. I hated wearing weave. Perms were no longer taking on my hair. IT WAS A WASTE MONEY SIS! I remember thinking, what can my hair do? My natural hair in its natural state. I went in the bathroom and cut it off. Before the big chop I remember trying to transition and hating the half natural, half damaged look. I was ready to just have my whole head natural at that point.

The journey has not been easy. NATURAL HAIR TAKES WORK. You cannot expect it to grow healthy on its own. For the first year. I did the bare minimum on my hair. Which led to dry hair. I did not know at the time that I needed to find a routine and did not have the patient for it. I just wanted to be free.

When I went to college it was game changer. I started to twist my hair and keep it twisted. It was my go to style. I did not know what else to do. I had my gel. My conditioner and my natural hair sisters. Shout of to Sam and Bri. They literally kept me from going back.

It is currently 7/ 1/2019. I am just now learning how to properly detangle my hair. I have not found a great butter for my hair just yet but I have figured out my hair texture and the porosity. I have 4c hair and high porosity. I need water and a creamy product to keep my hair moisturized.

Advice. To any of my sisters or brothers who are currently on a mission to have healthy natural hair. Take heed to the advice given on YouTube videos and Blogs. The biggest mistake I could have made was rejecting helpful advice because I did not want to put in the work. The shingling method, LCO method, Curly Girl Method, all work you just have to take your time and be patient. If you have not already find yourself a great vitamin to take daily. I have been using Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nail and it is working. Drink you water. Be ready for tired arms and failed twist outs. THEY ARE COMING. Other than that enjoy your journey. Stay tuned for MOOREBROWNLOVE.

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