July 2, 2019

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Do you take vitamins? If so, what kind? I remember going into Walmart and grabbing any thing off the shelf. My reasoning was I know I need vitamins! I need something for my hair, skin, and nails. I have been taking vitamins for the most part of this year. I am determined this month to be more consistent with it. I am the person that takes vitamins one day and bother not to take them the next day. I noticed that my vitamins work when taken on the regular. I look forward to seeing where my hair, skin, and nails will be at by the end of this month. I also intend on switching my vitamins. I plan on using mykind organics. Since I am switching over to a more healthier diet. I need all my nutrients I can get from vitamins. If you take vitamins, comment below what kind. I would love to chat with you about them. Stay tuned this is MOOREBROWNLOVE!

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