July 15, 2019


Move Forward

MOVE FORWARD! No matter how you may feel. No matter what you see. Move forward in faith. Move forward with your confidence grounded in Jesus. No one said this journey would be easy. So, today I move forward in my walk with God. I do not care how I may feel. Faith over feelings today. It does not matter what I see. I was told to walk by faith not by sight. Instead of running away from my problems. I face them head on.

This season has truly been something else. As I intentionally make a decision daily to put God first it feels as if the heat has been turnt up on every other area of my life. I am determined to move forward. Move forward inspite of any and everything. I hope you all have a wonderful day in Jesus name. As we move forward, I pray that God will lead and guide us through life. Teach us how to pray, worship and meditate on you effectively.

2 thoughts on “Move Forward

  1. I love this and also needed to read this for myself! I often times get distracted of my vision and lose motivation BUT today I will move forward and ask God to give me the strength and motivation to do so!


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