What can I do?

August 16, 2019

I am constantly lost for words at the ultimate love of God. His love continues to proves his greatness and mercy towards me. I am only left with one question. What can I do? What can I do to show my gratitude towards you, Jesus. This morning I was encouraged to show my gratitude through prayer, worship, and meditation.

Prayer is simply communicating with God. Sharing my life. Being open and honest with God. Recognizing where I am and who God is. I can pray everyday at any time. God loves to hear from me. When I pray, I get my eyes off myself and my situation and focus on the living God who can change it all.

Worship is action. When I worship I open myself up and allow God in. I can worship God through dance or song. Worship also gets my flesh under the control of the holy spirit. God loves when I worship. It shows my faith. At times I do not feel like worshipping but I notice that when I worship I am strengthen in God.

Meditation is focusing on every word of God. The word of God is truth. His truth reveals every hidden thing and brings it to the light. When I meditate on the word of God I align myself with his will and purpose for my life. I also, become a force to be reckoned with. If the enemy had one goal in mind it would be to keep me from knowing the word of God. Why? Because in knowing the word of God I have a weapon against The Devil. The word of God is powerful.

This morning, my soul is inspired to continue to seek authentic prayer, worship, and meditation. Prayer changes me before it changes whatever I am praying for. Worship activates my faith. It gets me out of flesh and into my Spirit. Meditation strengthens my soul and prepares me for whatever the enemy will throw my way. How will you show your gratitude today?

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