September 14, 2019

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The year is almost over. I am asking myself some real questions. Like, Did I accomplish the things I wanted to accomplish this year? Truth be told. If I am really honest. No, I have not. There are some things that I wanted to get done in January that still have not been done. So, I ask myself. What is stopping you, Kianna girl? Honestly the only thing stopping me is MYSELF. I allow my fatigue get the best of me. I allow my feelings to overtake me. I allow self doubt kill my faith. I allow myself to think of the worst cast scenario. It is me. So, now I am determined to finish this moment, second, hour, day, ,week, month, and year in faith. WE WALKING IN OUR PURPOSE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.

I choose to make this month one to remember. A month where I move forward with my goals. Check them off my list and continue to grow in faith. God is able!

Even though here are a few things that I have not done. There have been many things I have accomplished this year. Especially when it comes to believing the gospel of Jesus. I choose daily to believe. To believe in the power of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When I tell you that this has allowed me to walk in the peace of God. It has. When I choose to believe. I give God full permission to move in my life. So, although there are some things that I have not accomplished this year. I believe that God will help me to get the rest of those things done.

I am super excited to see where my life will be this time next year. I am looking forward to the travel. The changes. The shift. The growth, and business.

How has your year been for you? Have you been walking in your purpose? I would love to hear about your 2019. If it has not gone the way you wanted it to. What are you going to do to make it happen?

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