October 9, 2019

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To sit in complete silence. To feel what you feel. To allow your heart to speak. To be truly sincere. You may find the words start to form. Your body may move. Tears may even fall. Just know that in this moment you are one with God. There is inner peace. The atmosphere is still. The room is quiet. The spirit is moved. You are willing and NOTHING can stop you! God can speak and you can hear.

This is what prayer is to me. A beautiful moment with the Holy Spirit. It is vulnerable. It is real. It is ugly. It is authentic. It is where I am wrapped up in the unchanging love of God. This is a moment to remember because your flesh breaks and your spirit runs freely. I completely become a baby in his presence. I scream. I cry. I let the emotions flow. God touches me. I feel everything! During this time it does not feel good. The hurt, the pain, the sadness, sorrow, everything is released off of me. I pour it unto God. When it is over. I am freed. I am restored. I can move forward. Again this is a beautiful moment with the Holy Spirit.

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