As I sit in my bed. On this beautiful cold morning. One question comes to mind. Why are you doing it? I wonder. Why am I doing what? Again, the question arises; Why are you doing what you are doing? Why do you blog? Why are you creating YouTube content? Why are you doing what you are doing? My response is simply this, I am inspired to inspire you.

God inspires me daily to inspire my family, my friends, the people who are conncted to me through my social media platforms, the people I encounter in the real world. As I dive into the word of God and discover my purpose in Jesus. I find God pouring his love in me and as my cup overflows I cannot help but to pour this love into others. I am inspired by God to inspire you.

I am inspired to share my health, hair, faith, and family journey with you. Although we are in the beginning stage, and there is nothing but trial and errors happening in this season. I am enjoying this process. My process. As I learn how to create my schedule and stick to it. I am growing. I am learning. I am inspired.

So to answer the question, Why am I doing it? I am doing it because God inspires me to do it. Through his word. Through prayer. Through worship I find release, joy, and healing for my body, soul and spirit. I find peace, love and contentment. I am my best when I am wrapped up in my creator. I am saved through the blood of Jesus. I am inspired to spread the love God has poured and continues pouring into me.

This is MOOREBROWNLOVE, stay tuned for so much more!

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