Just finish uploading a new episode on THE BROWN LOVE PODCAST and I feel great. I am super excited to invest in myself. I look forward to improving my craft and minding my own business. For so long I doubted myself. I thought I could not do it. All along I could. I kept looking at everyone else. I continued to compare myself to others which robbed me of my own joy. I thank God that through prayer, worship, and meditation I have found the keys of life through Jesus. I thank God that he never let me go. His love pursued me. His Spirit comforted me. Jesus died and covered me. I am thankful for the endless grace, mercy, and favor of God. When I did not want to believe in God. God believed in me. When I did not want to love again. God loved me. When I wanted to give up, God kept picking me up. I look forward to a new November. God is making everything new in my life. I speak it in Jesus name. I encourage you to trust God. Trust his word. Trust his plan for your life. It is the TRUTH!

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