When God is first your next priority should go to yourself and your home. I have to live out what I put out. If I am not taking care of my hair, health, faith and family as much as I encourage you to; I become a hypocrite. I believe God is teaching me the importance of putting myself and my home first.

I matter. My body, my spirit, my soul matters. It is crucial that I take care of myself next. If I don’t take care of myself. My family will suffer. I have to be in a good state to take care of my family. I cannot continue to put out content that is blessing you if it is not first blessing me and my home first. God is teaching me that I matter in this season I have to take care of myself before anyone else.

My home is a reflection of me. There are moments when I find myself overwhelmed. Life really can get overwhelming. When I decide to blog, YouTube, and post on social media before tending to my home I am a wreck. I am learning that it is best to care for my home before I work on any ministry/business of mine. When I do. I find inner peace. I am no longer overwhelmed. I can handle life better. When my home is good. I am good.

In this new month. This NEW NOVEMBER. I am encouraged to take care of myself and my home first. When I take care of my personal business first. I can handle my ministry/work business better.

I thank God for his many life lessons in Jesus name.

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