You can have faith through the HARD times by doing these three things. Praying to God. Reading the word of truth. Worshiping God to lift your spirit.

Pray. It sounds so cliché. If you are honest with yourself. Have you truly had a sit down conversation with the creator of the universe. Where you are raw and unfiltered with your emotions. Did you pour your heart out. Did you leave it at his feet. Trusting that it was in a safe place. If you answered NO. Then I think it is time for you to leave this and go have your moment. Do not worry. This blog will be right here waiting for you to read the rest.

After praying to God. Go and REMIND yourself of the truth of the matter. Go open the word of God. Go re-watch that sermon that inspired you on Sunday. Go review your notes. Go fills your mind with his promises. When we go through hard times we tend to think the worst and not the best. So, Why not remind yourself of our creator and his truth?

Last but not least WORSHIP yourself out of that negative mindset. Turn on your favorite worship song and pour out your gratitude to God. Whatever draws you nearer to Jesus. I have moments where I turn up to Lecrae. Then there are other times where I slow it down and worship God with Will Reagan & United Pursuit. God loves pure worship. The heart worship. Where you are intentional about your pursuit and love of him.

This coronavirus did not catch God by surprise! God is bigger than any sickness or disease. God did not give me or you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. DONT BELIEVE ME. II Timothy 1:7 will remind you. Today, I speak a sound mind over you today in Jesus name. I speak power over you and your families. I speak love into your minds and hearts. I declare a shift within the atmosphere and that the spirit of FEAR will be arrested, bind, and chained then sent back to HELL where it came from. In Jesus name. Amen.

Be blessed today in Jesus name. Use this time to get reacquainted with God. His arms are open and waiting for your return. His arms are the safest place to be in right now.

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