My hair is extremely thick.

-Required patience when detangling because it can easily snap off.

-Needs water when every I am handling it. Before I detangle. Before I attempt to style it. It needs water.

-Loves thick creamy products. This is after I add water to it.

-I wash my hair in the shower. While I am in the shower. I take my time to detangle condition my hair with my denman brush and my garnier fruits.

What is my natural hair journey story?

For the longest I did not know what to do with my hair. I started off with the big chop. I cut all my hair off in the year of 2014 after I graduated high school. I did the big chop because I was tired of my hair being at a stand still. I felt like my hair was stuck at one length because off all the chemicals, breakage and heat. So, I chopped it all off. I got looks and stares. I know the guys were looking at me like why she do that. I’m sure the ladies looked at me and thought I could never. I felt the looks but I did not care because eventually I hoped it would all grow back. It did. I grew all my hair back and then some.

What was the journey like? Since I chopped off all my hair in the beginning. I did not have to do much to my head. I just washed my hair added a little oil and went on my way. As the hair started to grow back. I had no idea of what to do with it. I was so use to weave or perms. So, I was rough with my hair. I often wet my hair and would dry it and then try to reapply moisture. My hair would not take the product. So my hair looked matted and dry.

I then started to watch YouTube videos and would eventually stop watching videos because I would not take heed to their advice. I remember hearing about the shingling method, and how I should take my time with my curls or they would break. Did I listen? Nope. Since I would not heed to the advice my hair was always dry and seemed unmanageable.

Looking back I would have saved my self a lot time if I would have just listened. Now, I am going back to that advice and really paying attention. All natural hair need is proper moisture. With proper moisture my hair went from dry to moist and now product takes well. And my hair is growing.

It is currently 2019. I am learning my hair. My hair is a process. I am learning what my hair needs and what works for me. I think that is the key. You have to find what works for you. I look forward to where my hair will be years from now.

You can stay updated with my hair journey through my YouTube channel @Kianna Brown.

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